Feb 19, 2014

Free Printables! Goal Setting Pyramid


So I’m back to blogging regularly again, after battling bronchitis and a sinus infection. Being sick is never something you plan, so I’ll be sure to have blog posts ready in the future, so I won’t miss a beat.

Anyway I’ve been inspired after getting with my mastermind group, to come up with something that will keep me + the ladies of my mastermind group accountable in our business + blogging life. While I am blogger, I am also a small business owner. The goals for my business and my blog differ greatly, so I needed something to keep me organized and on top of things. Business is my first priority of course because that’s how I eat y’all and how I do the fabulous things I do in and around LA. I needed something that would be easy to take the biggest goal of all (to take over the world one pixel at a time) and break it down into delicious bite sized pieces.

I look at my goals as a giant In N’ Out hamburger *glory*. At first it’s overwhelming but if you break it into pieces, you can fully digest it.

I created a FREE 2-part printable that will allow you to summarize all of your goals and tackle them head on. You can do it on a bigger scale and list the goals you have for your whole life, or just list your goals for the year. I decided to just list the goals I have this year for my business. So, on the first page, list some of the goals you have; it doesn’t matter if it sounds dumb, just list it.

On the 2nd page, list your most important main goal for the year under “Goals”. The biggest goal of the year would be to double my income. The next part says “Sub-Goals”. Those are the goals that I need to set in order to reach my main goal. A sub-goal could be to reconfigure my website. Then in the tasks field, list the tasks you need to do to get those goals going like grow my email list, as well as the activities which could include networking events. All of these things point to my final goal of doubling my income.

This has been super helpful for me to focus on specific things and have a visual to actually see if I am meeting my goals. Print as many of these as you like! It’s FREE when you sign up for my email list!

Goal Pyramid Goal Setting Brainstorming Worksheet Goal Pyramid Goal Setting Worksheet

What steps do you take to stay on track of your goals? Let me know in the comments below!




  • These are great Kim! Thanks for creating them.

    • thanks Kae! These will definitely be helpful in our group :)

  • Love these! I’m printing out now. Thanks for the motivation!


    • Thanks so much Erin. I hope these help you sort out your goals! :)

  • These are absolutely wonderful. I’m almost finished reading ‘The 12-Week Year’ and it has changed my perspective on how I organize my time drastically. Gonna print these & help better organize my goals.

    • Thanks Laura! I need to check out that book! We as designers SO need organization like nobody’s business! Let me know how they help you with your goals :)

  • This is great! Thanks Kim. I copped mine and shared with others :P

    • Woot! Thanks for sharing Vee! I know we can all use these to stay organized and on top of things!

  • What an awesome resource! Thanks for sharing!!

    • First thank you for visiting :-). Second I truly hope you downloaded and if so, I hope they help you focus on your goals!

  • Will the printables be mailed to us? Or does it appear on the next page after sign up? I dont see mine

    • Hi Ginger! It should appear in an email after the sign up. If you didn’t receive it check your spam. If you still don’t see it, please email me directly and I’ll provide it to you :-)

  • Kim for the WIN again! As always you are a great help. Thank you.

    • thanks so much MJ! My goal is to help everyone and in that it really helped focusing on those goals that almost seem impossible.

  • […] actually filling out my Goal Setting Pyramid Worksheet, I have one very important personal goal that I live by everyday. It’s as simple as A.B.C.: […]

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