Feb 5, 2014

5 Natural Hairstyles For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Like literally next week. If you’re looking for natural hairstyles for Valentine’s Day, I’ve got 5 you’ll love! Natural hair is SO versatile, you have a TON of options to choose from when selecting a style for your hair for a special day. Whether you’re going to be wined and dined by your boo, or you’re heading out with your girls on Singles Awareness Day, here are 5 natural hair styles, you can rock for Valentine’s Day! These styles also serve a dual purpose; they are elegant AND protective.


Photo Credits: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Which one of these is your favorite? What natural hair styles do you rock for special occasions?



  • I love them all! But I’ll probably end up rocking a plain old twist out….if I go out! LOL

    • Aren’t they fab and easy! LOL Ain’t nothing wrong with a Twistout. That is just as fabulous as these styles are :)

  • Im rocking number three. I want to do something romantic too bad he’s gotta work……..lol

    • Number 3 is sooooo cute! I love the style AND that color on her. Awww booo your man has to work, but you can still get all sexified for him though lol.

  • LOVE IT!

    • Thank you April!

  • First, not sure why I wasnt following you before. Don’t know what is going on my life, lol! Send, I love 2,3, and 5. Third, I love your hair!!! My boo is a bum because he likes my hair straight, lol, smh.

    Have a good day, Kim!

    • Hi Rekita! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for following me :). I’ve already peeped your blog and it’s cute! There is nothing wrong with straight hair. You can still add a little texture with a twist out on your hair or add some curls and then pin it up. Your hair looks fabulous so It will look elegant :)

  • I LURVE #5! Unfortunately my hair won’t be long enough to pull it off by then. But Valentine’s day 2015, It’s ON!!

    • LOL!!! 5 is everything. I have the opposite problem you do. My hair is too long for #5 smh. It would look like a tree.

  • #5 is my favorite. I’ve tried it a few times; man o man #fail. I must master it by spring.

    • honey yassss! #5 is everything. you’ll get it. Trial and error :)

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