Nov 7, 2015

4 Free Resources To Grow Your Email List


Contrary to popular belief, your email list trumps, Facebook Likes, Instagram Likes + Followers, Pinterest Followers + Pins and even Twitter followers and retweets. If tomorrow, any of these social media platforms cease to exist, then what are you left with? Your email list is one of the most important marketing tools you have when you’re trying to reach or market to your audience. The trick is though, getting people to part with their email address. I hate giving out my email address in fear that somebody is going to violate my email inbox with SPAM lol! Don’t y’all hate that? I know I do.  I make sure that I only offer the most amazing tips (like these) to my email subscribers.

It took me a while to realize that growing a list is challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. I came across 4 resources, that will set you up to build an amazing list of subscribers that want to read what you’re writing, or purchase what you’re selling. The trick is to get them to give up that email addy. I would insert a corny inappropriate joke right here… but I won’t. :-/

Email List Resources


So what do you think? I challenge everyone to start building an email list. It’s the one tool you have to connect with your audience immediately. You do not have to be selling anything to have an email list. If you have a blog or website, there is no reason that you shouldn’t have an email list.  Have you started your email list? Do you have any tips to help others grow their email list? Let me know in the comments below.


Jul 12, 2015

How To Create A Custom Color Scheme With 1 Click


I’m on a blogging roll here guys. I think I can honestly handle blogging once a week. *Fist pump*

Today I’m showing you how to create a color scheme from any image you find online or that’s already on your computer, with one click.  No more trying to come up with a color scheme for your blog or business on your own. You’re welcome!

This is perfect if you’re in the beginning stages of building your brand or starting a blog. As I mention in the video, before you start building a blog or a brand, make sure you have a clear idea of who your audience is. Remember, when you’re looking to sell or market something to the masses, it’s not about what your personal color preferences are; it’s about what’s going to attract that client that will want to buy your products or service, or visit your blog. I use pink in my color scheme for my branding, not because I love it, but it’s feminine and it attracts women. My favorite colors are actually turquoise and green lol and I hardly ever wear pink. Keep that in mind when choosing your color scheme.

Ask yourself. Is this what would attract my ideal client?

If you still don’t know who your ideal client  is (shame on you lol), then click this link to download my free copy of “Jump-Start Your Visual Branding“. Then peep this video to create a color scheme that will wow your clients or audience.

Get into what I made within minutes, using an awesome free tool! Yasss!


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Jul 9, 2015

Create Social Media Graphics With Canva


As a graphic designer, I totally get how expensive it can be to hire a designer, like myself,  to create all the graphics for your social media marketing needs. Thankfully, someone created, so that anyone, even the person who has NO design skills, can create great professional looking graphics in minutes. Now I will admit, when I first discovered this tool, I was hating hard LOL! I thought I would get put out of business, but no fear, there is a market for this and a market for what I provide. We can all eat.

I created this FREE video (see the email opt-in below to get it now!) on how to use Canva to create quick social media graphics and even a media kit! Best of all, I’m paying it forward and showing you how to do this all FREE!

Here is what I whipped up in Canva!


media-kit Now it’s your turn to create your own unique graphics in Canva, and it’s all absolutely FREE!



Have you used Canva to create your graphics?


Jun 30, 2015

Top 5 Favorite Fonts


I think I get asked at least twice a day on social media, “What font is that?” on pretty much all the designs I submit on social media. I’m a serious font hoarder and I’m always experimenting with new fonts I’ve hoarded. So to share with everyone the fonts I’ve recently been using as of late, I created an entire blog post dedicated to my favorite fonts, and hopefully they’ll be your favorites too. Now unfortunately, these fonts aren’t free, but they are affordable. The cool thing about non-free fonts though, is you won’t see everyone in the blog world using them ;-); well except me and you of course (if you snag yourself a copy).

I’m currently using Freeland in ALL of visual branding, and I’m using No Seven on the visual branding for my new venture my online course (check the sidebar to learn more about that)

Grab all my favs here:

Freeland / No Seven / Matchmaker / Bellwethers / Shameless


The next post I do, I’ll be sure to include some free fonts as well. Do you have any favorite fonts? If so, share, share share in the comments below!




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